Grandma Microfinance opens in Uganda

Supporting Families fight Poverty

In many cases, without credit, low-income people work hard but remain materially poor due to the lack of opportunities and capital.  Credit can be used as working capital so that clients’ efforts become more productive.  As clients become more productive, their income increases and they are able to accumulate savings for other investments and emergencies.

Grandma Microfinance was established to help people become more economically secure.  This, in turn, has a multiplier effect on people’s standard of living, enhancing basic household welfare, such as food security, nutrition, shelter, sanitation, health and education services.   Savings and credit services helping people start or improve their own small businesses, providing income generation and employment for themselves and their families.

Grandma also provides crucial saving services to lower-income clients. Savings serve as reserves for important household expenditures (such as school fees and funeral or marriage arrangements), and as insurance against sudden crises (such as illness, natural disaster, or theft) that can otherwise result in destitution for people already living at the poverty line.

We plan to offer more than just material benefits; we can also individually and collectively empower people, especially women. A steady income, a savings account, training, and the discipline to honor loan repayments usually raise the self-esteem and status of clients, in societies where they are often treated as second-class citizens. Groups are to receive training in quality Education, financial management, their legal rights, business management, as well as other support-services. Participants, especially women, speak out more, assume leadership roles, and address issues beyond their workplace, such as domestic violence.

What People Say

Grandma has helped me as a headteacher to save for my family and to do business.

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