Granny’s 80th Birthday Party Cancelled

UK has the highest new Covid cases in Europe. So I really hope you can help with Birthday Appeal! Plant a Tree for Granny! Planting is good for us all in so many ways!

Trees clean the air of pollution; they filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark; remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce greenhouse gas effect giving us the clean air we need breathe!

Trees and plants are good for all living things – Birds live in them! Bees – even Wasps (not so keen on them!) are Necessary to pollenate our plants – our food!

Working with nature is good for our souls and bodies. So if you can please plant a tree for granny and for your grandchildren!

Plant at any rime when conditions are right. I am amazed at how many people in so many countries have said YES! It would be totally amazing if this went Global!!

Do share – especially if you decide to plant a tree. Our Queen is also asking people to plant trees you could get 2 grannies with one tree!! Or plant 2 trees!

I was amazed when Jonas Chabroka Fadweck (Malawi one of the poorest countries) wrote -Grandma we will celebrate your birthday with tree planting! They also decided that Children, Mum’s and Grannies are going to make cakes. They will have a party – How beautiful!! I was humbled that they decided to do this not for me – for us all!

If not a tree – Plant something; plant an idea of ”something’ that would help people in your community.

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