Learn With Grandma Activities

  • Empowering women especially grandmothers to become entrepreneurs. We believe that responsibly delivered financial services can be transformative for people living in poverty.
  • Supporting youth through ICT Clubs.
  • Microfinance and Financial literacy Campaigns.
  • Community mobilization, sensitization and training and Counseling.
  • supporting the most at risk communities,
  • empowering grandmothers and their orphaned grandchildren.

What can you do?

Now Grandma wants to tell you about a new HUGE project she is working on. You; your school; your community can get involved if you would like to.  35 very different countries from Canada to Australia; from Ukraine to South Africa – 16 groups in Africa – now have Learn with Grandma Groups. I wanted to find a project that would inspire people in every country. The project had to be achievable using the resources; ingenuity; talent & skills that people already have. It had to bring the generations together and use technology. It had to be achievable; sustainable & NOT cost much. In fact the project could make a small profit – which can be used in your school; your community and  cover the costs of putting the story on line and promoting the e-book.

Grandma’s Digital Library!

We can start with Folk stories – every country has stories! – and we are in danger of losing so many as we lose the oral tradition of storytelling and as many books that were published in 19th & 20th Century go out of print. You have the skills; knowledge & technology to record your local folk and share them with the World!

The plan is to have the written word; the spoken word – in your local language and in English – so that people can hear both languages spoken by  first language speakers. From English we can translate into any language – even Arabic! It is possible technically to have Arabic and English in the same e-book – not possible with a printed book – you just click for the language you want.

It would be wonderful to include a play based on the story so that it can be filmed. Not only can we include a film in an e-book you could perform for your school; your community. You could charge entry – or pass the hat round! The play could generate income for your school or community and cover the costs of getting the book on-line.

I suggest that you now discuss how! What story; Who  write it? Who & how to illustrate – traditional or cartoon style??  Who could film? Who take photos? Who act? Who make costumes; find props; who narrate; who play music; etc.etc. I think you will need a committee!     

Then we will try a skype link for questions but I live in the mountains and skpye is not always good here. We can use Facebook chat and write your questions.

As 1 but with my email Don’t worry if you did not get everything – email Valerie and she will post the presentation to you – so that you can share to your colleagues and local community