Welcome Message

Mrs Valerie wood Gaiger MBE, Learn With Grandma Founder

You are most welcome to Learn with Grandma Website where we share our success stories, challenges and lessons learned from the field activities different groups are doing in the areas of quality education, intergenerational learning, family literacy, Parent engagement, agriculture and Microfinance. 

We individuals think we can’t change the world but it’s only individuals that can! We can All do something! I decided that the best way I can help is by sharing ideas. I cannot send money; I have only a small pension also I will be 80 on 4th July. I know that i cannot not give continued support – so I share ideas of ways people can help themselves. Suggesting practical ways forward that are Achievable; Affordable and Sustainable; often little projects that will go on and on giving lasting benefits and reduce the dependency on grant funding; which is going to be even more difficult to get as the World recovers from the costs of the Covid Pandemic!! All are designed to bring the generations together – using IT as the bridge. 

I decided against doing anymore EU projects; I had thoroughly enjoyed them but they all came to an end when the funding stopped – this was long before Brexit!! Of course I voted to remain. I am a European; I want to stay friends! The most satisfying Eu Projects I was involved in were those re Intergenerational learning – So I decided to just share my ideas on Facebook as a hobby – sort of throwing a pebble in the pond. Much to my amazement the ripples have gone around the World!!   

There are now Learn with Grandma groups on Facebook from Australia to Zambia! My mission is to inspire! To encourage people to believe the ‘Impossible’ is possible!

God Bless, Keep safe!